Saturday, September 12, 2009

Song of the Mo: "Can You Tell" by Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot! Aside from having one of the best band names I've ever heard, I actually have a (slightly) personal connection to them. You see, I went to college at Syracuse University, and Ra Ra Riot (or at least most of the band to my knowledge) formed at SU while they were students and I was still there.

It gets better! When Mathieu Santos, who plays bass guitar, was a freshman, I was a junior and I was his RA... you know, as in Resident Advisor? It's definitely a loose connection, but it's pretty cool to see them on TV and be able to say, "I was that guy's RA!" (however dorky that may really sound).

You may think I'm biased then, considering I'm so close to the band (uh oh, delusions of grandeur). You think wrong, I tell you. They're actually talented, tons of fun and totally legit. They were the opening act for Death Cab for Cutie on tour and they've appeared on David Letterman.

Check out the video for the song, "Can You Tell?" below. I'm totally into the video - as well as the song - and definitely think you should be too.

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