Thursday, November 12, 2009

Legally Blonde/Legally Bound?

Just when I (almost) starting standing up for her a little bit, Carrie Prejean, the idiotic former Miss California who suddenly, out of nowhere became chief conductor of the cuckoo train, displayed this winner of an interview with Larry King. She has the audacity to call Larry King "inappropriate" and then just sits there like a MORON! See for yourself:

Her book is titled, Still Standing - I don't get it. Where's the pageant pun? Also, how is this title still available? I feel like this is a pre-packaged, go-to title for autobiographies - I guess I just answered my own question. I guess the more important question here is, how did she write a book and who cares enough about her to read it? I know millions are going to buy it, just like they did Sarah Palin's Nazi hockey mom manifesto, but I still can't help being shocked by stupid shit like this.

Carrie Prejean - Conservative, Nut-case Robot status = confirmed.

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