Thursday, May 28, 2009

The (Hard P)Art of Writing

Oh, but it's sooooo hard.

This is how it usually happens. I start thinking about something that is absolutely incredible. I form sentences in my head that are brilliant - you know, the kinds of sentences that win Pulitzer Prizes. These words that I string together in my brain are so magnificent that I applaud myself. It MUST get written down somewhere - back of receipt, hand, straw wrapper. I pull up to my apartment building, grab my unbelievable revelation and clutch it with all my might, throw the keys on the sofa (just kidding, I don't have a sofa yet) and open up my laptop. I open a new page, go to my blog and then I stare at the this blank, rectangular box. Then I think about what I need to get at Target if I go there tomorrow. Or about how far I think I'd get if I auditioned for American Idol. Or about moving to Norway. Or I chew a pencil. Then, like clockwork, I always end up cleaning dishes.

Turns out, being disciplined in your writing is difficult. Give me the benefit of the doubt here though. I was on vacation from Friday through Monday, camping with friends for Memorial Day weekend. As for missing entries for Tuesday and Wednesday, totally my fault. No excuses. It's just that, when you start to seriously think about your chances on American Idol, that's a thought that can take hours to complete.

I'll do better next time. Admittedly, this is a post just to post so I don't feel bad about not posting tomorrow. It's also a kick in my butt from myself because by writing this post now, I have eliminated the possibility of writing any such posts in the future. So, it's sort of like a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. And now it's gone.

So, to be better, knowing that organization is a huge part of being disciplined, I will start researching topics to write about for tomorrow... that is, right after I update my Netflix queue. Priorities, people!

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  1. Dear Writer,
    Please try out for American Idol. Sing Hungry Ties.